Why Have We Forgotten About Our War Heroes?

We thanked them for their sacrifices so that we could sleep safely every night. We awarded them for their bravery and patriotism. How have we forgotten to take care of them after all they have done? Is a small pension enough gratitude considering how much they sacrificed in service to their country?
The problem is that few people are aware of the difficulties that veterans face once they go back to their ordinary lives, and even if there is awareness, the issue is not acknowledged well enough. They face not only financial, but also emotional stress as each day passes and without any aid and support.
The veterans, who have spent most of their lives with military training, lack the job skills that are needed to make a living in the civilian world. With the pension that they get, they have to handle all expenses, from housing to groceries to medical expenses, barely enough to make both ends meet. Often times, when faced with an emergency, the only possible option veterans have is to take out a payday loan. While this option does provide a temporary solution, considering how easy it is to apply for and obtain payday loans, it comes with heavy premiums and the inability to pay back the loan on time just pushes them deeper into debt. In many cases, the expenditure on medical care itself leaves them in heavy debts.
The sad thing is that their woes don’t end at the finances. Veterans undergo a huge lifestyle change when they reconnect with the civilian world and reunite with their families. It can be quite emotionally stressful for many who find it hard to accept this change. With no proper counseling and support, they are just led off-track. To top it all, they also have to deal with issues with their relationships. All these, with the constant hits from the financial problems and job issues turn out to be, as is obvious, very hard on the veterans. A lot of them suffer from depression and many others resort to alcohol abuse and other forms of self-destruction. About one-third of the total homeless population in the U.S. consists of veterans- a very sorry state of affairs.
It is such a shame that our war heroes have to deal with so much every day. A lot needs to be done to bring some stability into their lives. They have done deeds of nobility to fight for us and in return, they deserve to get a lot more than they are getting. More awareness needs to be spread and active measures need to be taken. Help needs to be provided to aid them in improving their job prospects. Counseling sessions need to be organized and arranged to help them deal with stress and depression and to help them adapt better to their new environment. The veterans don’t deserve to be forgotten, instead, their sacrifices need to be appreciated each day.



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