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What Percent Of Single Moms Take Loans?

What Percent Of Single Moms Take Loans?

Single parenthood is a mounting and difficult reality, especially in the United States. The number of single parents in the country is astonishing; the digits only seem to be increasing every year. There are currently about 14 million single parents in the US and this figure has largely stayed the same for the past two decades. Furthermore, out of the 80 million children in the US right now, almost one fourth of these are being raised by single parents. Of the 14 million single parents, 85% are single mothers and the rest are single fathers. It is quite evident from the figures that most of the burden of raising children alone falls on single mothers. It is becoming increasingly difficult for these mothers to provide favorable conditions for their children to grow in due to the financial hardships faced by the entire world. It near impossible for the single mothers

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