American family finance statistics

The given infographic represents the statistics of American Family Statistics Finance: an average American family savings account balance- 3800$, 25 % of American families have no savings, an average American household debt amounts 117.951$, an average American family home value attains 160.000$, an average amount owed on home mortgage attains 95.000$, an average American household annual income-just 43.000$, an average credit card debt has reached 2200$. It is obvious that 74 % Americans target to reduce costs in the next months because of escalating prices. Today, the average American spends about 23% of the profits on food &gas. Actually, 60% of the students in California public schools now can qualify for reduced price or even free school lunches. Sorrowfully, the figures of Americans without health insurance have increased from 38 to 52 million in 10 years.


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