Ideas for Spicing up your Business During Down Time

The phase of going through crisis is frustrating but if you make proper use of this time, you can generate benefits for your business. There are times when your business goes into pause mode and you don’t have much to do because work has slowed down. Just sitting idle in down times and waiting for the situation to change will not get you out of it until you do something to change the situation. In order to overcome the challenges during this time, you need to take action.

Some of the action you can take for spicing up your business during down time:


Re-evaluate your goals:

Find out the purpose of your business, set your goals and see that you are working in the right way to achieve them. Goals tell the purpose of your business.

Perform marketing of your business:

Try to find how many people know about your business and make a list of them. If your list is less than a few hundreds, change your marketing strategy and try another one to help your business flourish. Marketing is very important for creating awareness of your business and if you fall short of funds for marketing you can opt for short term loan such as same day loans.

Update your skills

During downtime, read articles or tutorials, related to your business to improve your skills or to update your information on them.


If you have ignored blogging because of your busy schedule, you can do it during downtime. This is a best way to create a brand and bring traffic to your site.

Explore the outside world:

Usually business men don’t go outside and when they go, it is for a business purpose. So, make use of your downtime to explore the related, unknown world.

Review your portfolio:

If you have been quite busy for a long time, you haven’t had chance to update your portfolio, Use this time to review your portfolio and make productive changes to it.

 Take feedback from clients:

During downtime, you can reach clients and ask them for feedback on your products or services. You can ask them to recommend your business to their family members and friends. Don’t take numbers and names yourself; request them to introduce you on phone or through an email.


Make use of downtime to update your system and software applications to become more productive. It is the best time to organize your files, clean your office and for other administrative tasks which are not performed frequently, due to the usual busy schedule.

Focus on networking:

Social media is a great way to reach people. Use different social media sites to build your network and tell people about your business.

About the Author:

The guest post was contributed by Maria, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Apart from blogging, she does research on PPI Claims. Find out more about her finance related blogs at financeport

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