Interview With Harneet Singh Bhalla from “Postfever”.

Today’s Interview is with Harneet (Postfever Blog Owner). And here are our questions!

Q: When was the time you started your blog?

Harneet: Around 8 Months.
Q: Why you chose this niche (blogging)?

Harneet: Because it has a large market than any other niche. Every blogger irrespective of it’s niche, would need advice on how to do blogging.
Q: Tell me about a recent high stress situation you were in. How did you manage it?

Harneet: A few weeks back I was demotivated. I called some of my blogger friends and finally I got back in a day or two.
Q: Describe a tough financial analysis problem you faced recently?

Harneet: By god’s grace, I have not yet faced any financial issues.

Q: What things do you choose to save money on?

Harneet: The work that I can do myself, I never spend  money on it.
Q: What do you think about taking out a loan for buying something you love? Have you ever taken a loan?

Harneet: Not yet. But I would not take a loan for just gifting purpose.
Q: What are your TOP 5 favorite finance blogs and why? Do you mind if we interview them too?

Harneet: I only read one of them i.e Yahoo Finance.


Thanks to blogger Harneet owner! It was nice to speak to you! Thanks

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