Important Tasks Before you make the trip

You are all excited and getting ready to take that trip that is just a few weeks away. Thankfully, you have planned the trip well and done away with all those unnecessary expenses and there is not need to take that pay day loan to fund the trip. Although all your things are well planned, one cannot predict any unforeseen expenditures. Therefore it is advised to always carry your credit card with you.

Here are some essential tasks that you need to take care of before taking your exciting holiday trip with your family. After all, you need to focus on your holiday and the good times rather than worrying about any trivial issues at home. Here are some chores that are an absolute must before leaving your home.

Make advance payments and stop order

Once you are sure of the dates you are going to be away, stop orders on all deliveries such as milk, newspapers etc. Tell your housecleaners or any other service providers such as gardeners when to expect you. Take care of these issues at least 3 days before you travel.

Make arrangement for your pet

Unless and until you are planning to carry your dog or cat with you, contact your pet kennel or any other trustworthy service to take care of your pet while you are away. Make these arrangements well in advance as most pet hostels are always over booked.

Take care of cash advance

It is best to use your own bank before leaving for the trip so that you don’t arrive short of cash. Moreover you will save on ATM fees or keep away from any other inconveniences of using store machine or ATM on the airport. Get the map of available ATM locations near your destination.

Get the vaccinations

This is very important for all those leaving for abroad. Work out on what vaccinations you will need and go to your doctor with details and get your family members vaccinated. Timing is very important here; and you should carry the necessary documents with you as a proof of these vaccinations. Different countries have different requirements.

Check all the documents

When traveling abroad, make sure all your travel documents including passport, visa, and tickets are kept in a safe place. It is a good ides to make photocopies of each and store them with you.

Let your friends and family know

Keep a list of your complete itinerary with a close family member or a frond. They should know exactly where you are on a certain dare and time and which hotels are you lodging in. This is very essential especially if your week is going to take more than 2 weeks.

Call your bank

It is also essential to call your credit card company and bank to let them know of your travel plans. They can keep an eye on any unexpected overseas purchase or change in the spending patterns. You can ask them to lock your account while you are away in another country.

Just do the above important tasks before you leave and your mind will be at peace and without worrying about those trivial things at home. It is also a good idea to clean the house properly before you leave and cover the furnisher and bed with sheets. This will save you from all that extra cleaning when you come back home.

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