Saving during Christmas and thanksgiving

Gone are the days when we were spoilt with really inexpensive flights and some great deals during the peak travel time, especially Christmas and Thanksgiving. Now, these are just not there. The only way one can expect some good deals is to start planning way ahead and try to get a fair price. It is time to develop some good practices to enjoy your holiday season more with your family and loved ones and avoid taking out a payday loan to travel.

If you follow the recent trends, the airlines start pitching holiday sales straight after Labor Day. Therefore, one will find some of the best deals in the first two weeks of October. Gear up and start comparing the prices of different fights during this time and plan your holidays well in advance. However, there are fewer seats available at lower prices. Snap it up once you see a good price as per your budget.

It is a good idea to sign up with different airlines to get emails alerts on the lowest prices. One can also register with several travel companies so as to get notified about any price changes. It is a good idea to remain updated and stay well informed so as to make some good decisions.

There is no need to head towards the major airports. You will be surprised at the fare differences being offered at smaller airports with smaller planes. There are a lot of airports around the country that are serviced by multiple airports. One can easily find better deals there provided if they get the information in time. Just make sure to include all those airports when making a search. Along with the prices and schedules of the flight, keep an eye on the travel times to and from the airport.

Take advantage of those special discounts and offers announced by all airlines, especially during the holiday season. One should know where to look and when to look. Even a slight delay means all those special discounts have been lapped up by those hundreds of shoppers like you. Generally, these sales are announced on Tuesdays. Other days are a little quieter for the airlines but their inventory really start moving on Wednesdays and Sundays.

There will be so many people who are traveling to see their family and friends during Christmas and Thanksgiving. In December, two day before and after Christmas are very busy. You can get cheaper fares if traveling right on Christmas or a couple of days before and after avoid traveling during the peak times. One can save up to 20 or 30 percent with proper planning and there is no need to take out your credit card all the time.

Check for the latest travel deals and advice almost every other day and follow the best possible travel dates as a great money-saving strategy. Be a smart traveler, not only for your business but also holidays. Spend the money you save on your family and have a merry Christmas every year.

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