It’s Time the Veterans Had Their Problems Addressed So They Can Live With Their Heads Held High

There is a serious problem that exists in our country, one whose existence only a few would want to acknowledge. This is the problem about how the veterans in the U.S. are treated. It is rather alarming that veterans make up about one-third of the country’s homeless population, the rest barely managing to pull through and make end’s meat. Why should these brave souls, who served the country for so many years, be so uncared for and forgotten about?

With a bare pension of about $12,000 to $30,000, how does one expect them to live a decent life? Especially when we talk about the young veterans. The funny thing is that most people do not even realize how poorly these soldiers are being treated. By spreading some awareness and developing organizations specifically dedicated to their service, veterans can be ensured a better life with dignity.

Most veterans face monetary issues mainly due to the fact they have trained the in military for years but they barely have the job skills that one would need to survive in the civilian world. Considering there are not many job openings for trained people, the veterans don’t stand a chance to make a decent living for themselves. In a lot of cases, veterans end up taking payday loans as temporary measures to make end’s meat, assuming that they would end up paying them back. However, with the bare resources, they mostly aren’t able to and end up with huge debts due to poor budgeting and money management.

Financial problems may also arise from unplanned expenses from medical and health issues and other emergencies. Sometimes, even relationship disputes and illegal activities could make it difficult for the veterans to survive financially.

It should be understood here that the problem is not just about finances; in fact, it goes far beyond that. It is a huge change for veterans to be back in home after years and years of being away, serving the country. At the time of re-entry, some may feel exhilarated to be reunited with their families, but there are others who also feel distracted and edgy due to the sudden change in their life and routine. They may be a lasting yearning for go back and continue their service. Under such emotional stress and instability, the last thing they want is to have to deal with fighting every day for bread on the table.

It is time that the issue is recognized and not just that, but also that it is accepted, acknowledged and resolved. It is very shameful how the veterans are living, with the abuse from debt collectors, piles and piles of due bill payments on their heads, and other financial tension. It is essential that necessary steps be taken to help these fighters re-establish life in the civilian world and live with their heads held high.

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